Sampling Collection for
Combustible Dust

Combustible dust sampling is straight forward. Air pumps or cassettes are not involved or required. The only type of samples that can be tested are bulk samples. Follow the below outline for sample collection:

  • Air Sampling is not necessary
  • Collection Tool: Natural bristle hand brush
  • Collection Pan: Non-sparking, conductive dust pan (aluminum) for collecting settled dust
  • Container: non-spark producing container, 1-Liter plastic jar or bottle
  • Funnel: a non-spark producing funnel may be used to transport the dust from the dust pan to the jar/bottle.
  • Dust from Cyclone: a non-spark producing scoop may be used to remove dust from cyclone containers or other ventilation equipment.
  • Sample Weight: 500-1,000 grams, with up to 2,000 grams depending on sample type.
  • Make sure each sample is clearly labeled.
  • Once you have collected your sample(s) in your non-spark producing containers return the sample(s) to EMSL Analytical, Inc. for testing.

Sampling Submission

  • Seal each sample tightly (use tape if necessary)
  • Ensure weight requirement is met for testing
  • Clearly label sample(s) containers with permanent marking
  • Complete a copy of the Combustible Dust Chain of Custody
  • Ensure testing option and turnaround time are checked
  • Cross reference the sample(s) name and description with the label(s)
  • Complete other documentation (included in quote package)
  • Pack all material and paperwork into box/container acceptable for shipping
  • Ship to: EMSL Materials Science Laboratory 200 Route 130 North Cinnaminson, NJ 08077

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